What makes our Tap-to-Call Mobile Marketing Landing Pages special is the ability to allow mobile web visitors to tap a link that dials YOUR phone number straight from your Mobile Markeing Landing Page! Thats what we call Immediate Response.

This Package Includes:

  • Design Customization
  • Tap-to-Call function to your designated number
  • Link back to your main website
  • SmartPhone redirection added to your website
  • Setup and installation to your server

Check it on the SmartPhones listed below.

We can have your Tap-to-Call, Mobile Marketing Landing Page up and running for you within
the next few days for a one-off payment of


If you are serious about generating more leads, converting more sales and providing a cutting edge user experience that produces immediate response from mobile visitors to your website then our Tap-to-Call Mobile Marketing Landing Pages are the perfect solution.

When a potential client finds your website from a Local Mobile Search or enters your web address into their SmartPhone from seeing it advertised locally our Tap-to-Call package detects they are using a SmartPhone and automatically sends them to your Mobile Marketing Landing Page.

Once your Tap-to-Call Mobile Marketing Landing page has opened the visitor can call your designated number at the touch of a button, no dialling required!

Considering the benefits for all involved, Tap-to-Call technology is too valuable to be ignored so give your business the edge!.

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