21 October 2013
Mobile Marketing
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3 Quick Tips for Maximizing the Mobile Experience

Every integrated marketer knows the world is going mobile. What’s surprising is just how much time people spend using mobile platforms.

eMarketer reports that this year, U.S. users will spend 23 billion minutes monthly surfing the mobile web. (If you’re wondering, a billion minutes roughly equals 1900 years, give or take a century.) By all indications, this number will only grow.

This increasingly mobile lifestyle, also fueled by meteoric mobile-app adoption, is driving demand for a more mobile-friendly experience in both B2C and B2B markets.

What Mobile Users Really Want

A recent study* of nearly 1,100 smartphone user revealed that nearly three-quarters want mobile-friendly websites when browsing and shopping. Sixty-seven percent said they were more likely to purchase on mobile-optimized sites versus non-optimized.

Lest you think B2B companies are immune to the rising demand, think again.

One Google survey finds that 28% of U.S. B2B C-level executives used a mobile phone to research business purchases, while 21% searched similarly on tablet-style devices.

Bottom line: The time for creating a mobile-friendly site is now. If you agree, first get some ideas from the Web Marketing Association 2012’s best mobile websites. Then, work with a reliable company to implement the following best practices:

  • Make it quick. Mobile page-loads should take only seconds. Eighty-one percent of users from the smartphone study above identified page-load speed as their most desirable mobile-site feature (followed by easily accessible directions, store hours and contact info).
  • Make it simple. Simple images. Simple navigation. Simple forms. And of course, big simple buttons. Nothing’s more frustrating to a hurried user than “fat-fingering” the wrong tiny icon and being whisked off in the opposite direction.
  • Make it fit. Not the “duh” you might think. Many mobile sites struggle to accommodate today’s burgeoning number of mobile-device screen sizes. Sometimes, site architecture is formatted for variable device widths, but individual page elements aren’t.

Free “Go Mobile” Website Checker

Google’s “Ready to Go Mo” website offers a “GoMoMeter” that shows how your current site looks on a smartphone—and provides best practices for creating a more mobile-friendly site.

Mobile technology and integrated marketing are officially inseparable. Check back with us often for more actionable integrated marketing tips.