Video Marketing

The old days of marketing are over. Yellow pages, mailers, inserts, and even websites are becoming less effective.  Today consumers want to get to know you before they buy.  One of the most effective online strategies  to obtain more customers is through video.  Studies show that video converts prospects into buying customers better than traditional marketing methods.

Pool Remodeling Contractor

 Aquavida Pools specializes in Arizona residential and commercial complete swimming pool remodeling and pool resurfacing.  A few years ago Aquavida understanding the importance of reaching more customers thru video decided to invest in some professionally produced videos. Pool Remodeling Contractor Study 

Case Study Plumber

 As the yellow pages and traditional marketing like mailers become less effective it is important to secure your position locally online with a page one video listing to capture more customers at a lower cost. Plumber Case Study 

Case Study Pest Control

Pest Control business is very competitive thus it is critical to the survival of the company to be able leverage marketing budget.  Video is one of the highest rates of return for this pest control company.  They estimate 3-5 yearly pest control contracts at $500 each per month. Pest Control Case Study 

Case Study Dog Bite Attorney

The Law Office of Estey and Bomberger has a team of aggressive dog bit lawyers that will help you fight back against irresponsible dog owners. Their video placement on page one of Google has help bring many dog bit cases to their firm.  Their videos added exposure has helped many dog bit victims families realize justice. Dog Bite Attorney Case Study 

Case Study Chiropractor

With the cost of medical care many insurance companies no longer include chiropractic treatment. As a result consumers are searching more online for a qualified chiropractor.  Video is an effective way to connect with the customer and begin to establish yourself as the expert. Chiropractor Case Study 

Case Study Bail Bondsmen

Bail Bonds customers search for a bondsman in a time of stress and need.  One of the best ways to connect with  potential customers is in an uncomfortable time is to connect thru video. Bail Bonds Case Study 

The question becomes how to get your video in front of targeted prospects.  We have answered that challenge by developing a unique online method to push your video to  page one of Google.
When your video appears in the search engines it give your business an unfair advantage because it grabs the consumers attention.  It forces prospects to click on your video.  Studies have show that online shoppers will click on a video at a rate of 10 times more when compared to a website.