5 December 2012
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Google Places What it Means for Your Business – Pay Attention!

Google has offered the business owner a variety of great products in the past few decades and has gained our trust in the process. With Google Places, actually now integrated with Google Plus. Google has created a strategic, relationship finding environment for consumers and businesses. You may find yourself asking though just what is Google Places?

Google Places is actually a product that allows the local and the international businesses a place to make and update their physical business address. The information is then integrated with other Google products, such as Google Maps and Google Search.

Google Places is a terrific place to help businesses find traffic for their business without having to pay directly any fees for the advertisements. By listing your business in Google Places, you will be able to post information such as photos, videos, and promotions that will help your potential customers get to know you and your services better.

Why is Google Places better than the other listings?

Today, the majority of the people are more prone to use the Internet for searching what they need. They compare ratings and reviews on businesses and products. Since Google Places is integrated with a top-notch search engine, any business listed in Google Places will have a higher exposure compared to other business listing.

For Internet savvy business owners, this is can be a great opportunity for them to help boost their business by using search engine optimization. By applying SEO, you can see an increase in your business’ page rank, which will increase your business exposure instantly. Speaking of page ranks, you can also get a one up from your competitors just by listing your business in Google Places because the GP listings always come first in searches.

How to Maximize Google Places’ Potential

Google always love content and that is the best way for you to raise your business’ ranking in Google Places. You can make video reviews or promotions to make your listing more personal or you can put pictures that best represents your services or products. Adding information such as directions and phone contact numbers will also help your potential customers get in touch with you as soon as possible. Additionally, Google places notifies you how much traffic you get each time you login so you can get an idea on how much you have to do to improve your page.

Google Places is still new and only few businesses have discovered its potential. As of 2010, only 3% of businesses worldwide have listed their information on the site. However, with Google rapidly expanding and improving their services, more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of including Google Places in their marketing strategies. If you have a business, do not miss this opportunity. Make your listing now and see an amazing improvement in your business market.

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