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Custom Mobile Landing Pages

Do You Know How Much Business You Are Losing by Not Having a Mobile Website?

Because your potential customers cant find the information they are looking for and are leaving your website in droves, unimpressed with the poor user experience! Face it, who doesn’t have a smartphone these days! People are using their smartphones to shop and surf the web, find what they want and are spending $$$Billions annually from mobile devices.

Custom Mobile Websites

FREE ROI Calculator

FREE ROI Calculator

Determine your projects Return On Investment ROI Calculator

FREE QR Code Generator

FREE QR Code Generator

Looking to generate QR-Codes? If so, you have come to the right place. Use our QR-Code generator to create QR-Codes of your choice. Select a Type of QR-Code to generate from the drop-down list. Did you know you can make QR-Codes out of any content you like? Contact, Text, SMS, URL, Email, Phone

Once you have created your QR-Code, use your mobile phone’s software to capture the data held within the QR-Code.

QR Code Generator

Salon and Spas

Text Message Marketing for Spas and Salons Wors

Instantly engage and reach your customers with personal invitations, mobile coupons and text message appointment reminders. Complete Media Works can use your current list of customer numbers or immediately build and grow a mobile marketing list of new customers. SMS text message reminders for spas and salons decreases the number of no shows by 20-40%. With 97% of your text messages read within the first 3 minutes, you can instantly reach all of your customers wherever they are at. Salon and Spa

Retail Stores

Text Message Marketing For Retailers

Retailers across America are seeing sales explode using retail mobile marketing. One retailer, K&G Superstore, experienced a 95% retail mobile coupon redemption rate! SMS, or retail text message marketing, can be used on its own or integrated with retail email marketing, print, and other media for a killer combo. With retail mobile marketing, 97% of your advertising messages are opened within the first 3 minutes- a result you cant duplicate with any other advertising! Retailers such as The Attic and K&G have found that customers responding to retail mobile marketing usually spend 10% or more than average customers per store visit!

Retail Stores Text Message Marketing

Restaurant Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Delivers Results for Restaurants!

Restaurant mobile marketing can reach all your customers instantly with mobile coupons or promotions. Only SMS text marketing allows restaurants to manage your customer flow in real-time! When the reservations are down, with less time and effort than it takes to send an email, you can send promotional deals to customers- such as a free appetizer or 10% off their next meal. 97% of the messages are opened within 3 minutes! Your customers then come into your restaurant, show the text message promotion, then sit down to order! Restaurant Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing for Take Out Restaurants

Mobile Marketing for Pizza and Take Out Restaurants!

Mobile Marketing Sells More Pizza!  or get the newspapers, coupon mailers and the yellow pages! Restaurants who want to grow in our new social-media age must embrace mobile marketing! We love pizza and want to see your business grow. Mobile marketing can help pizzerias and any type of takeout restaurant boost your orders more, anywhere. Talk about a recipe for success!

Here’s how it works. We simply import the list of phone numbers you already have from customers who have called in the past. In less time than it takes to send an e-mail, you log into Complete Media Works Revolutionary Mobile Marketing Platform, and send out a text message coupon for 20% off a large pizza, good for that night only. Then heat up the ovens and watch the customers pour in!

Pizza and Take Out

Bars and Clubs Mobile Marketing


Look around your bar or club on any given night, and see at all the people typing away on their mobile phones. Get the picture? With Complete Media Works, now you can advertise directly to those phones! SMS text message marketing will help you use this trend to get customers in your door instead of the bar next door! Check out some of these mobile promotions.

Bars and Clubs

Bands and Entertainment Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing for Bands Reaches Fans Instantly

Bands, venues, DJ’s, gentleman’s clubs and other entertainers can now reach all their fans instantly with mobile marketing. can also ramp up your fab base 24/7.

In less time than it takes to send an email your band can blast out a text message marketing campaign to all your fans an hour before that Friday night show. 97% of the text messages are opened within 3 minutes. Lets say its Saturday night, and you’re venue still has unsold tickets for tonight’s metal band. You send a text message of the band half an hour before show time offering 30% off tickets to a list of fans who attended metal shows in the past. A line around the block shows up! Game over!

Bands and Entertainment

Political Campaigns Mobile Marketing

How does Text Message Marketing Work for Political Campaigns

Political campaigns require you to constantly get the word out about your candidate, issues, or political party. Mobile marketing will help you instantly reach voters throughout the entire life of a political campaign, from the early campaigning stages right up to voting day.

Political mobile marketing is the perfect way to support your political campaign because voters and supporters can be reached 24/7 on their most personal and timely device: their cell phone.

Political Text Message Marketing

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